Professional Mobile Entertainment


When I was starting my DJ company and was trying to come up with a name, I realized I didn't want fancy, extravagant words like Ultimate, Sensational, or anything like that.  What I did want was to let people know this is my DJ company, and I was fully interested and invested in being responsible for the success of their party.  That my focus was sincerely and completely on them.  I had no intention of running a large company.  Just one where I myself provided a good, personalized service.  So....."what do I call my DJ company?"  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that was it:  "MYDJCO".  

I worked radio for a few years, and have DJ'd private parties since I was 18 years old.  I had no idea being a mobile DJ would become "who I am", or that I'd be doing it years later.  I got a BS in Telecommunications Radio/TV with a music minor, and frankly thought I'd be a professional musician.   It turned out I didn't like the business end of the music business either - nor did I feel "being a star" was what I really wanted after all.  But I still loved music, and I must say I do love people.  As it turns out, this combination was and still is quite helpful in being a DJ for private parties.

I admittedly still have a hard time wanting to convince people I am so utterly amazing it would be a mistake if they didn't hire me.  So I don't.  What I can tell you is that I care.  That I believe I have all the tools necessary - and most importantly, the desire - to make sure you and your friends, families, co-workers, and loved ones have a "good day".  If I can be a part of insuring that happens to the best of my abilities, that brings me joy.  I am indeed an "expert"... but I am not the client.  And I am as focused as I was when I started my company on making sure the client and their guests are happy.  This seems obvious... yet I imagine we've all been at a party where the DJ somehow forgot that, or just didn't care. 

So to me, being an effective DJ isn't just about having the right music.  That's a must too... but it's just a start.  I won't go into detail here about what else makes a good DJ - as truly it is my job to implement what you think is important for your event anyway.  I will never lose sight of that fact, and you can and should be completely honest with me about what you want and need me to do.  Whether before or even during your event.  I am on your "team" after all.  I will discuss with you what you want, and if you have no idea, I can tell you what I think would work best.  Again, I have a lot of experience, so I am not "thrown" by things.  I fix them.  That's my job. 

If you would like to talk with me further about an upcoming event, I would love to hear from you!